Metro Amateur Radio Club

 Repeater - 147.315 + 107.2 PL

Yaesu System Fusion Repeater

    No longer Transmitting from the Leaning Tower YMCA - Niles, IL

MAC Net - Sunday @ 9PM Central 147.315 MHz 2 meters (+600 transmit)

 Unfortunately, our repeater is currently down.
We hope to be back on the air soon.

Our next meeting is July 5, 2022 at 7:30pm online! 

We will be discussing our new repeater location and antenna plans


You can attend our meetings ONLINE (for free) by following the above link.
It's easy, even Boomers can figure out how to use Google Meet. 
Everyone is invited. You don't have to be a ham or a member of any club.

                                       Join us on July 5, 2022 for our June meeting. 

Thank you to Tom Zimmerman W9TTY for being our guest speaker during the Feb 1 meeting. Tom presented a very interesting talk about satellites and how they are used as repeaters.  Thanks again Tom!!!

We would like to thank Roberto Soto N9NUQ for being our guest speak at our January online MAC meeting. We all had an interesting time listening, watching and discussing Roberto's interesting ham experiences working over 200 DX country QSOs around the world from his Jefferson Park neighborhood and his collection of police patches.


           We use Google Meet (it's FREE) at this address and will use it again March 1.:


                                                  Roberto N9NUQ during MAC Jan online meeting

The December meeting offered a business meeting with club business. We talked about future guest speakers for the Jan, Feb and March meetings.

Our Nov meeting featured Guest Speaker Keith Hicks KD5JDG of San Antonio Texas. Keith told us about his experiences with “Parks on the Air” and how to participate. We had a few Hams in person and a few joined us online. Thanks Keith!!!

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