Metro Amateur Radio Club

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June 2016

Next Event is Field Day June 25 & 26, 2016 at the Lincolnwood Community Center

Set up is this Friday at 5:00 pm June 24. Please help us set up a Hex beam antenna. We also will need help taking the antenna down Sunday at Noon.

MAC Club Remembers Marilyn Gardner

During the May meeting, we shared a moment of silence as we remembered club member Marilyn Gardner, W9LUO, whom became a Silent Key on April 19.

MAC Hams Lend Support
The Leaning Tower YMCA Triathlon was held Sunday, May 15, 2016 . The YMCA staff  had requested MAC members to assist with communications and our members answered their call.

Thanks go to Doug AC9DY, Avi W2CKG, Art K9THH and Bob K0KVK.

Special thanks to Gil N9WCR for arranging the communications event.

DeKalb Ham Fest
On Sunday May 1, the MAC club sold a lot of donated radio equipment at the Dekalb Hamfest in Sandwich, Illinois.

We had 4 car loads of radio equipment that sold and raised funds for the MAC club.
Big special THANKS goes out to Doug Spitzer. Jerry KC9POL, Lyam N9LVG and Gary K9AGE's son.


Recap of April meeting

MAC Radio Club had an interesting program meeting in April. After a short business meeting we enjoy learning about multimeters
Arne W9FO brought in a few antique multimeters.                         Mike W9MJD continues to share info on multimeters.

SHow and tell meters                                                          Look! Mike W9MJD serviced this Kenwood TS-520S. It works and it is FOR SALE!
The money this will be sold for will be 100% donationed to our club. Thank Mike!



Recap of Feb 2016 Meeting

At the February meeting (Feb 2) we discussed how to repair a couple of older Kenwoods the club owns.
The plan is to get them working then sell them to raise funds for the MAC club. Pictured is the Kenwood TS-940.