Metro Amateur Radio Club

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Field Day 2014

Thanks for Joining us for Field Day 2014
Once again, this year was a huge success due to all the help and participation of all our friends and club members.
We would especially like to thank the Lincolnwood Fire Department and Lincolnwood Parks and Recreation Department.

Lincolnwood Mayor Gerald Turry (left) made a few contacts on the air with assistance from Jerry KC9POL 

Our club, with call sign W9LYA scored over 1000 points and was on the air for the entire 24 hour event.


Hobby Net on MAC Repeater

A brand new Net in now on the Big Mac Repeater.

"Join us on The Hobby Net " says net controller Will, AC9IT.
The Hobby Net is a forum for hobby enthusiasts. Discuss hobbies with other enthusiasts.
Wednesdays, 9:00 pm local time on 2 meters 147.315 Big Mac Repeater.
Any Ham with a Technician license or higher may participate.

Next Meeting August 5, 2014

Join us at our next MAC meeting on August 5, 2014

at 7:30pm at the Lincolnwood Community Center.

At MAC's recent meeting on July 1, Jerry K9RCL (left) inspects items on the popular $1.00 raffle table.

Dave W9DCO (left) gave a talk about contacts he has made using Earth-Moon-Earth communication,
also known as
moon bounce. He explained EME is a radio communications technique
which relies on the propagation of radio waves from an
Earth-based transmitter
directed via reflection from the surface of the
Moon back to an Earth-based receiver.

David W9DCO and Arne W9FO at the July 1 MAC meeting.

Photos by K9KDE