Metro Amateur Radio Club

Repeater - 147.315 + 107.2 PL

Yaesu System Fusion Repeater

Transmitting from the Leaning Tower YMCA - Niles, IL

MAC Net - Sunday @ 9PM Central 147.315 MHz 2 meters (+600 transmit)

The (MAC) Metro Amateur Radio Club and (CFMC) Chicago FM Club had a successful testing session April 11 and congratulations go out to 

Sharon KD9IXA upgraded to General,

Joshua upgraded to General,

Luis upgraded to General,

Conlan upgraded to General

and Bill KD9TWA upgraded to Extra.


We thank Vern K9VRT, Pete WV9P, and Bill W9SWW for their help, support and encouragement and for coordinating this exciting ham radio event.

Do you want to test in the near future? Contact Henry K9KDE ( to reserve a spot at our next test session.

I am excited to announce our participation in this year's Field Day June 26 and 27. Watch for more info soon.
In the meantime we encourage everyone to utilize the Repeater, The Big Mac Repeater!
 Learn, communicate and enjoy.
Also, all hams are invited to check in at 9:00pm every Sunday night for the MAC NET,
LIVE on the Air.
We hope future meetings will be held in the classroom at the Lincolnwood Community Center in Lincolnwood, Illinois. The classroom is in the same building as the gym near Morse and Lincoln Ave.
Free parking. Meetings were 7:30-9:00pm. Meetings were held on the first Tuesday of most months.
Who knows when our next in person - in classroom meetings will be held? Time will tell.

Please scroll down for latest news.   Henry K9KDE

04-11-2021 Five hams tested while practicing COVID safe protocols. Congrats!



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